Re: [Epic] Aircraft Interceptions

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 12:04:24 +0100 (MEZ)

> >> For example, if I have a squadron of three Marauders on
> >> a ground attack mission, and my Eldar opponent intercepts
> >> them with a squadron of three Nightwings, and I in
> >> turn intercept his Nightwings with a squadron of three
> >> Thunderbolts, which of the following is the correct
> >> way to conduct the interception:
> >>
> I thought the Thunderbolt/Nightwing battle was resolved first (the Marauders
> are not in sight yet), and then the Marauder/surviving-Nightwings battle is
> resolved. The Nightwings always fire first because they have the highest
> Intercept value. (I believe this was described as 'way b)'). I just think
> the Thunderbolts will do their very best to get the Nightwings before the
> Eldar get into range to blast the Marauders.
The thunderbolts do their very best to intercept the nightwings, but that
is not enough because of their lower intercept value, so the nightwings
get to shoot at the marauders, leaving themselves vulnerable to the
thunderbolts (vulnerable because the nightwings do not shoot back at the
thunderbolts if they shoot at the marauders.)

> Just picture the situation if the Thunderbolts get intercepted by a second
> squadron Nightwings. According to 'way a)' all the fighters are put
> together and the order of firing is determined by the Intercept value. 'way
> b)' just seems more realistic. (Eek ! I used the 'realistic' word for rules
> of a fantasy wargame... ^_-)
This is exactly the mistake you are making. Realism is one thing, the
rules as printed in the books a completely different one.


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