RE: [Epic] Ork 2000 pts

From: Sean Smith <seans_at_...>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 08:14:23 +1300 (BST)

On Wed 25 Mar, Miller, Chris wrote:

> ---------> Where are the IG getting those death rays? War engines?

200 points buys an Ordinatus with 3 death rays

> we're all taking 2000 points then you're taking WE to counter my WE's
> and the points difference isn't much. If you're taking vortex missiles
> and hitting my Forts, then they aren't hitting the mega-gargant which is
> the real core of this army if I'm reading it right. I guarantee you
> won't get more than one fort under a template, and yes it will probably
> die, but how many vortexes will you take in a 2000pt force?

I only refering to vortex missiles for squats.

> I think one of the advantages of the ork army is a relatively cheap
> war engine with decent movement, assault values, firepower, _and_ the
> ability to transport troops. Use 'em. As for IG infantry out-assaulting
> orks, It's possible but I don't think it would be all that easy to
> arrange.

I don't have a problem in getting good assault values for IG, especially
when support weapons and hellhounds are used to provide support in close

> What I would like to see from those who dislike this force is a 2000 pt
> army you would take against it. It's easy to say "I would beat that
> _unit_ with this unit" but try building a force which will stomp it as
> easily as some say.

I can post you my 'ideal' version of an IG army to the list if you like.
You then give your opinion how well it would do against your army.
Note my 'ideal' IG army was designed to deal with all comers, not
specifically Ork army. I however still think it would do very well
against the army you posted. I also have an 'ideal' 2000 point Ork army,
if you wish me to post that as well.

Finally, please don't take any comments I have made personally.
Believe it or not, my comments are intended to be helpful by
pointing weaknesses in your army that you may have not recognised.

Sean Smith
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