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From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 18:49:42 +0200 (MESZ)

> I've recently met a friend of mine who works for the French staff of
> White Dwarf, he is a translator and he revealed me some interesting
> facts.
> GW will release a new W40k race, the Aquos (beware, the name is not
> definitive).
> Roughly, the Aquos would be an aquatic race (surprise!) and this would
> be represented by infantry units in special air suit.
> The Aquos would be a powerful psychic race and their technology would be
> based on psychic powers (please note that I wrote "would", all this is
> of course not definitive).
> For example, their vehicles would have psychic propulsion, their weapons
> would be psychic ones, etc...
> Of course, such a race would be very powerful but also very vulnerable
> to psychic powers.
> I don't know much about their history : their culture would come from a
> sector near the Eye of Terror and the Aquos would have to keep the
> secret of their existence in order to protect themselves against the
> Chaos raids. But their religion announced that one day, the Aquos
> civilization would dominate the universe and it seems that this day has
> finaly come. The Aquos are angry and there will be a lot of blood! :o)
> So after the Necrons, this is the Aquos... Tyranids are now little bugs
> which are not very dreadful!
> Did someone else heard about this new race? Do you think there will be
> Epic 40k rules and figs for them?
The above reminds me of Slann.


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