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Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 00:28:22 EDT

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<< just got off the phone with a mail order troll.
 First, no news of Chaos or Titans in the US yet.
 Second, Blood Bowl's been rereleased a few days now here.
 Third, according to him, there's no point in releasing new stuff for
 Necromunda because GorkaMorka is Necromunda on wheels.
 Shervin >>
My local store manager recently returned from the GW retailers meetings. I
have now seen photos of the new Epic Chaos molds being set up. It seems that
the sprues are gonna be made here in the States, and shipped out. The
retailers have been told that the next batch of Epic will be released by the
end of MAY/ begining of June. Not sure what's on the new sprues, but they are
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