Re: [Epic] Cost of the Holofield ability

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 11:07:20 +0200 (MESZ)

> > Does anyone know how much the Holofield ability (if hit, save on 2+) would
> > cost ?
> >
> > I thought that (a long time ago) it was mentioned in a WD that the
> > Harlequins (or their vehicles) were the units which had a holofield (before
> > the titans); it could be that it was for WH40K and not Epic. It's just that
> > it would find it 'more or less logical' for the Harlequin vehicles (Falcons,
> > Wave Serpents, Vampire flyers) to have the holofield ability. This could
> > probably result in really cheesy armies, but it would be really 'fluffy' ^_^
> >
> > Any suggestions/remarks ?
> The holofield is a bit too powerful for normal units, as
> Francois has mentioned. I second his suggestion to use the Save
> ability instead (4 points).
4 points is what an infantry stand pays for a save (terminator). If you
put in on a wave serpent you greately enhance the live expectancy of
transported troops, so I would charge even more points for it.
Remember: there is no vehicle (exept imperial knights, IG supreme
commander) with a save in the game. That is bound to have a reason (game
balance?), so consider to keep points high.


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