[Epic] Another daft idea

From: Stephen Sheldon <stephes_at_...>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 09:46:02 -0700 (PDT)

I was thinking, what is the largest detachment (points and numbers) for
each of the races.
Off the top of my head

Captain in Lr, Librarian in LR
30 LRs main force
10 Devestators in 10 LRs Support

Cost: 1955
Morale: 40
Half Strength: 32

IG (From armies book)
3 Captains with psykers in chimerae
9 IG squads, with commissars, in chimerae main force
45 sentinels Support

Cost: 849
Morale: 17
Half Strength: 39

I think this is the biggest number wise, this detachment would be fun to
field. By making a detachment of 30 leman russ, with the infantry support,
the points change to C:1325, M:27, HS:30

Ork Mob
Boss Stompa, Wierdboy tower
40 shooty boyz Main force
30 Battlewagons support

Cost: 1270
Morale: 26
Half Strength: 36

This has 115 firepower at 45cm, heh heh heh

I know this is silly, but what the hell.. Lets have some fun, obscene
detachments please...


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