Re: [Epic] Battle report and comments (LONG)

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 18:48:14 +0200 (MESZ)

> > 3) It is frustrating to have grav-tank Engines o' Vaul, and not be able
> > to maneuver the darn things. I want to go backwards, and just can't do
> > it.
> Their high movement plus the fact that they can move in
> both phases generally means that they can retreat quite nicely
> (you just have to sacrifice shooting for a turn). Or at least,
> I've seen Erik pull off similar maneuvers against me when I
> start getting too close to the dang things... I guess what you're
> objecting to is that you can't retreat and still fire? but with
> that movement you're already capable of more than the imperial
> counterparts (the *tracked* counterparts - can tanks not move
> backwards in the 41st millenia?). On idea from SM/TL that I
> always liked is to allow titans (WEs in E40k) to move backwards
> at half speed (1cm of moving back uses 2cm of movement).

Maneuvering EOVs is simple.
In the CC+FF phase turn it around 180 degree and move 5 cm (away from the
enemy). In the next movement phase you have 3 options:
a) turn around and move back to your original position
b) move 5 cm and turn around again (you are 10 cm further away from the
enemy now) or move 10 cm and turn 135 degree only (sufficient if you move
second to get a target).
c) move 20 cm away (especially with scorpions who can shoot all round).

With options a&b even a cobra can retreat slowly and still fire.


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