Re: [Epic] Another daft idea

From: John Chapman <john_at_...>
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 1998 13:24:48 +1000 (EST)

> >
> >Epic 40K Eldar Detachment:
> >10 Swooping Hawks (each with Warlock and Exarch) mounted in 10 Wave
> Serpents
> >lead by a Farseer mounted in a Wave Serpent.
> >
> >Think about what an assault phase from this would be like. *shudders* I
> >would not want to be on the receiving end of this.
> >
        Yeah I know what its like. Theres a few too many psykers in it though -
well depending on the opponent. Against Imperial/Orks 2-3 warlocks should
be plenty (no bonusses for psyker overkill).Against bugs/chaos its a guessing
game. You either want just more than them (you get the bonus without wasting
points) or you want them with heaps and you with none/few so theyve wasted
points. THey can match you psyker for psyker while orks and imps cant due
to their army structure.
 COnsider this though. Cut the number of wave serpents to
5 and ditch the Farseer (who is soooooo overpriced for what he does its
amazing - compare to a Librarian for example....). You should end up around
half the cost for much more than half the effect. With the points youve just
saved buy a second similar unit. Stacking the troops 2 per serpent does make
them more vulnerable while being transported.......
> Actually, this is the main detachment of my Eldar force, routinely used in
> local games. It is feared by most opponents because of both its speed and
> its really, really evil assault ability. Problem is, I've used it enough
> that people are now developing strategies revolving specifically around
> taking it out. Time to sub in a new mainstrike force!
        Read whack it with artillery as soon as the hawks get out. Then again
when in the serpents its harder to kill but more rewarding per hit so
artillery on OW is always a good plan for imperials.Greater
Demons or some of the bug CC units can match it for power (maybe not for
speed in the latter case). Orks will have trouble.........
Still its evil and the SH Exarchs are the heart of an eldar army's assault
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