Re: [Epic] Titan Legion rules vs. Epic 40k

From: Mike Looney - ionet <mlooney_at_...>
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 10:13:21 -0500

Steve Wik wrote:

> >It IS possible to vote with your feet and send a message to
> GW
> that >they will hear.
> >(The theory being if E40K doesn't sell - and I will certainly
> never buy it -
> >they will wonder why...)
> Y'know, if everyone had taken that attitude way back when, you guys
> would still be playing FIRST EDITION Space Marine now... (eeeew!)

You know I would. Lets not forget that 1st ed is not that old, as war
games rules go.

> E40k is cool. Having to shoot and work out damage on a model-by-model
> basis and choose your army based on what models cancel out your
> opponent's choices is exactly what I don't like about Warhammer 40k.
> The focus on detachments is what makes E40k strategic and "realistic"
> for me. Nothing against the older versions, I'm sure they're great
> fun,
> but E40k is the one that gives me what I'm looking for in terms of
> (reasonably) easy playability and a truer sense of what it's like to
> command large armies.

What I do is think of E40K/.E41K vs AT/SM1 is like Command Decision vs
Firefly. One is a battalion/regimental level game, one is a
platoon/company level game. They just happen to use the same figures.
I don't have a problems with this in my W.W.II games, why should I have
a problem with it in SF games?

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