Re: [Epic] Taking the "Generic" out of Your Daemon Engines in Epic 40K!

From: Alan E & Carmel J Brain <aebrain_at_...>
Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 20:14:47 +1000

Scott Shupe wrote:
> Richard Desnoyers wrote:
> >
> > In much the same way as the numerous and varied Ork Battlewagons of SM
> > were lumped together into one generic line of statistics in E40K, Chaos
> > Daemon Engines suffered the same fate.
> I see the Rampage thing as represenative of (a) the
> vehicles' obnoxious CAFs, (b) the Khorne bonus rule (where the
> daemon engines got a plus to everything if you were winning) or
> (c) the spirit of the 'advance or charge only' rule. Although
> I guess the random Assault Factor is there in place of (b).


> Well, the Tower and Blood Reaper are NOT the same thing
> as, say, the Death Dealer and Brass Scorpian. I would start
> with a basic statline, and then allow upgrades for the 'shooty'
> types (Tower and Bloodreaper, which were pretty much the same
> anyway), close support type (Cauldron), and 2 varieties of pure
> assault engine (Death Dealer - higher CAF + transport, Scorpian -
> higher CAF + the e41k "Dozer" ability). And perhaps a barrage
> (not heavy barrage) variety for the Doom Blaster, which was quite
> weak and should be seperated from the Cannons of Khorne.

Agree, except that the Doom Mortars should be lumped in with the CoC. I
know the SM2 stats were totally different, but the Doom Mortars are
mentioned in the fluff as being "Chaos Artillery", and the model looks
at least as shooty as a CoC.

> Hmmm... I just realized that there's no non-WE unit that
> has more than one weapon type. I guess it would make the points
> harder to figure out... Certainly the unofficial point formula
> that's been posted around here doesn't work in this case. Perhaps
> for simplicity's sake the cannon should just be forgotten, or you
> could increase the Contagion's Assault to take into account it
> firing at incoming attackers.

Where do you think the 2 CC factor for a Contagion come from? Agree,
keep it as is.

> > SLANNESH Daemon Engines:
> > All Slannesh Daemon Engines have the "Glamour of Slannesh."
> > ?(add +1 to armour rating, or a "Save" instead. I prefer a "Save" myself)?
> An armor increase is truer to the original rules. The Save
> is easier to price. *shrug*

Shrug doubled. The Slaanesh Demon Engines were short-changed, but their
points value is right for what their stats are now. Their but Chaos
Knights anyway.

> The Striders are not anything like the Scourges or the
> Knights. They were smaller, slower, more fragile and packing less
> firepower than their larger cousins.

Agree, and more importantly to _me_, the models were less than
awe-inspiring. This is one unit I'd gladly see retired. Besides which,
the top half makes an excellent spaceship for FT....

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