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Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 01:34:18 +0200 (MET DST)

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>> >> If you don't like it then you're already "boycotting" it by virtue of not
>> >> playing it. I will continue to support it. But it's obvious that GW did
>> >> not "ruin" SM/TL, they erected
>> >> a brand new game in it's place that happens to be at the same scale...
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>> >Of course they ruined it! They stopped supporting the game for 9 months
>> >while they alternately made the new rule system, ate bananas and threw shit
>> >at the tourists. They don't let you play in their stores. They jacked up the
>> >prices and destroyed entire races' miniatures. The only way they could have
>> >ruined it worse would be recalling all of the products, claiming smallpox
>> >contamination, and burning them.
>> They did do that here. Was it worldwide or is your comment just a
>> Agro
>Coincidence. Elaborate.
>Its pretty bad when my cynicism gets matched by reality. Either I need to
get more
>cynical, or reality is really starting to suck.

One of the reasons that I am so down on E40K is that throughout Australia
and New Zealand (I happened to be over there at the right time to look for
surplus figures) GW sales reps travelled to every store and collected all of
the EPIC stuff that they had.
The stores were issued with credit notes to cover the recalled stuff
(redeemable for the new E40k figures, naturally).
I rang GW Aus and asked about some of the stuff I wanted and they said that
they had mountains of it - all saleable at the usual price. I hung out for
a clearance salebut rather than reduce the price or even continueing to sell
the stuff at "the usual price", they destroyed them all.
I can only assume it was to avoid competition with the new hugely inflated
($ wise) E40K figures.

So I guess it wasn't actually a product recall in as much as they didn't
request the return of all miniatures previously sold, just all currently
saleable miniatures.

And that's the story...


>> >Or releasing an "Outlands" supplement...
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>> >Thane
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