Re: [Epic] Just having fun now! Titan Legion rules vs. Epic 40k

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Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 01:03:28 EDT

You're probably right. Fortunately for me, around here where I live two local
hobby stores did not return there stuff. So, I was able to pick up a few more
things at discounted prices (about 50% off!). But, you are right. Why buy new
figures when you can buy pretty much the same figures for at least $1 less per
blister. And never mind the fact that some minis used to come two per blister.
As I have stated before, GW is interested in selling figures. That's why
they'll probably never produce another game like the original Talisman, which
is one my all time favorite games. That's also probably why they keep changing
edititons on games - to sell more figures. I have heard a rumor that GW's
target price for boxed sets is $100, U.S. that is.

GW was once a game company on the cutting edge of the market, producing
excellent games on a variety of topics. Games were reasonably priced and so
were the figures. But now.... If I knew five years ago, what I know now, I
would have bought a LOT more epic figures. I refuse to pay full price for the
new minis. They're nice figures, but I WILL NOT pay the exorbidant prices GW
is charging. I have yet to buy ANY new figures and the only way I will will be
if/when there is a sale on them.

I will now step down from my soapbox, hoping someone has read these words and
agrees with me!

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