Re: [Epic] Titan Legion rules vs. Epic 40k

From: Alexis Nahib Delgado Saab <alexis_usb_at_...>
Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 22:37:25 PDT

>> The third individual, however, is selling Epic40k as soon as he gets
>> in. I don't think he has had a single plastic army box in longer
>> 1 week before it was sold out.
>> // William Rood - Systems Development
>This is in line with my experinces when I was trying to purchase
>The first two stores I tried were sold out and having difficulty
>the product on the shelves. This experience was about a year ago,
>I have no information about how well the game is selling now.
>Allen (The Q&A guy)

     I bougth my boxset in december and it was the last box they had on
the store, they had sold out the Gargants and other E40k minis...
     In the GW store here they runned out of most of imperial and ork
minis in about 2 months and as soon as i get the money i´┐Żll buy the bug
minis, E40k arrived in this store about september last year there are
already about a dozen players...

                                     Alexis Delgado


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random features.



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