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From: Francois Bruntz <Francois.Bruntz_at_...>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 22:48:05 +0100

Aaron Roudabush a �crit :

> Okay here's a better example of why it shouldn't be legal. If we DID play
> with this rule I (as a Marine player) would be able to buy a Base of
> regular Marines who, for movement purposes are mounted on a rhino, for
> extremely low cost of 10 points, rather than the minimum 22 provided with
> the Army Lists. This is extremely cheesy in my eyes. I could nearly
> my army for the same amount of points through this method. All I'd have
> do is buy them as Bike Units and move them as bike unit and then dismount
> to fire, assault, etc.
> Aaron Roudabush aka WolfSamurai

In this way it's cheesy but the general idea is very interesting. After
all, why couldn't we use the bikes' pilots as standard infantry.

We can imagine that when a bike unit becomes a bike pilot unit, the
statistics of the new unit should be composed by the values which are the
lowest of the bike unit and the standard infantry unit. Hum, my English is
not very clear, this is an example :

Let's buy a bike squadron (one stand of 3 bikes) for 10 points.

Then during the party, we need the pilots of these bikes to enter a
building so we decide to dismount them, they become a standard infantry
unit. Of course this unit can't have the stats of a Tactical Space Marine
unit (pilots havn't got the same equipment), this is how to calculate the
new stats :

Bike Mvt : 35cm Range : 15cm FP : 1 AV : 2 Armour : 4+
Tactical SM Mvt : 10cm Range : 30cm FP : 1 AV : 3 Armour : 5+ Fast

For each stat (mvt, range, FP, etc...), take the lowest value :
Bike Pilots Mvt : 10cm Range : 15cm FP : 1 AV : 2 Armour : 4+

This rule would be realistic without being cheesy.
What do you think about this?

In fact, I do think that these rules... kick ass! YES! I did it! ;oD

Fran�ois Bruntz

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