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From: Elias Tiliakos <elite_at_...>
Date: Sat, 30 May 98 14:53:54 EDT

At 05:12 PM 5/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Stephen Sheldon wrote:
>> Through all of my experiences with the detachment listings, I still cannot
>> answer this question:
>> With IG infantry detachments, what would be better:
>> Command, 9 IG platoons, all in chimerae
>> or
>> 3x command, 3 IG platoons, all in chimerae.
>I'm not sure what your asking because you need 1 command squad for each
>3 regular squads and each command squads get charged the +25 points for
>being an HQ (this is a total screw, making the IG expensive for infantry
>when the opposite should be true. A full detachment of IG infantry costs
>222 points - 10.5 points each while a same number of SM cost 340 - or 16
>points a piece).
>Because of this, a detachment of 3 command squads and 9 infantry squads
>cost exactly the same as 3 detachments of 1 command squad and 3 infantry
>squads. Therefore, never put more than one command squads in a IG
>infantry detachment instead just make a new one.

Well, if you use the new IG Infantry Detachment that the list came up with
a while ago, where you can use any Main Force units as Support units as well,
you could take one Command unit, and six normal IG tac squads. This makes IG
A LOT more true to the fluff, IMHO.

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