[Epic] An open letter to the Roolzboyz

From: Richard Bright <r.bright_at_...>
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 08:27:22 +1200 (New Zealand Standard Time)

I requested a rule interpretation regarding the Cyclops as
published in CJ. The Roolzboyz said they couldn't give
rulings on anything in CJ. I suggested that as the
ruling was needed for the New Zealand Norht Island
Championships they might have sent my request on to the
author of the article (a GW staffer). The reply to this
suggestion was...

> sorry, but we cannot contact the staff in England for
> every rules question. They are far too busy working on
> other stuff for the Company.

Dear Blair,
Yeah, presumably "stuff" other than Squats. Do you remember
Squats? They're the race for which GW sold figures, but
won't produce rules. Strangely, although GW can never find
time to produce rules for Squats they have found time to
either *re-write* the rules for other races or invent
completely *new* races.

While I realise that you are but a cog in a bureaucratic
machine, I would appreciate it if you would make my
frustration and displeasure known to the Powers That Be. If
GW doesn't want to support the figures they sell thay
should offer a buy-back scheme for those of us who have
wasted our money. Alternatively they should relinquish
copyright on Squats and allow someone else to do something
with them.

By the way, The NZ North Island Convention went very well.
I considered sending our rule interpretation to CJ or WD,
but as neither publication will pay for submitted articles
and insists on retaining copyright I decided not to bother.

Richard Bright
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