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From: Jason Stephensen <J.Stephensen_at_...>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 15:18:54 +1000 (EST)

> Just got off the phone with a freind who is an Outrider for GW. He
>has his
> copy already. Lucky stiff. I was interested in the stats for titans, and
>I am
> putting them here for you. These are the basics.
> Warlord Titans
> 2 Carapace weapons which can be:
> Death Ray 60cm hits on a 2+ critical damage
> Mega Cannon 60cm (barrage template) Heavy
> MRL 60cm Light?
> Heavy Weapons Battery 45cm
> CC Weapons 30cm (chainfists with guns?)
> Vortex Missile unlimited range
> 2 Arm weapons:
> As above but no Vortex Missiles.
> Reavers
> 1 Carapace (any)
> 2 Arm (any except Vortex)
> Warhounds
> 2 Heavy Weapons Batteries (only weapon type allowed)
> Banelord
> 1 Death Ray 60cm
> 1 "Doom Fist" 30cm (they kept the name)
> 1 "Hell Strike Missiles" 60cm
> 1 Bloodletter Head 30cm
> 1 HWB 45cm (the other weapon? can't remember its name)
> 1 tail 30cm
> Looks like he won't be such a wimp now.
> Also, GWUS is offering a "special" pre-order on Epic 40K. Cost is $69.99
>no tax, free
> 2nd day air shipping GUARANTEED by April 2nd. They also have some
>blisters available.
> The number is:1-800-PAY-MONI Oops, I mean 1-800-SAY-GAME. Hurry now
>before they run
> out!
> Keith

I hope this some kind of sick joke. How many "rare and expensive" vortex
misiles are going to be on every titan? Guess they'll change the history
again. The ranges for the titans are meager, does this mean that they are
returning to the old days of 40K inches = epic cms? So they have changed the
amount of weapons available down to 6? And the warhounds are fixed weapons?
Oh boy I hope this is wrong. They've gone from being able to custom build
your titan to having a much smaller range of choices. I take it they will be
converting all the available weapons to within the categories above. (Fire
control Towers gone?) Oh boy, lots of options now. I think they could more
easilly made a costing into what each weapon is worth rather then just
blending them into a few choices.

I hope this is not the shape of things to come.

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