[Epic] Chaos Terminators & Artillery detachment

From: Carl Billen <Carl.Billen_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 09:56:53 +0200

Has anyone made a detachment consisting of only Chaos Terminators ? It's
just that they can be upgraded to Noise Marine Terminators, which results in
a unit having a range of 45 cm AND a save ! Of course they are extremely
expensive (27 pts a unit), but aren't these the troops with the longest
range and Save-ability ?

Also, I am planning to make the following artillery detachment :

3 Chaos SM Units with Heavy weapons and 3 Chaos Artillery pieces.

This would cost me 3x21 + 3x50 + 25 (HQ) = 238 pts.

I am wondering : should I add a Chaos Lord as the HQ unit for an extra 25
pts ?
I would, of course, upgrade him to a Juggernaut, which is the best free
upgrade you can have; Armour 6, Assault 6, Speed 20/30 + Save, as a bit of
protection against close assaults.

The reason that I have to add Infantry units is that I managed to get hold
of quite a few Chaos engines and Titans, but for each 'Chaos Armoured
Detachment' I have to field a Chaos Infantry Detachment. I have 2 Plague
Towers, 6 Contagions, about 8 Khorne Engines, a few Slaanesh Titans and some
Chaos Fliers, but almost no infantry ! So I have to make some infantry
detachments (to which I can add Artillery and Daemon Engines), just to be
able to field my War Engines !

Has anyone had the same problems ?

Carl Billen
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