Re: [Epic] Re: GW USA August Newsletter (long)

From: Oki Purwanto <oki_at_...>
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 11:11:41 +0800

Wow ! 13 e-mails on the same topic consecutively ! Add 1 more !
It is amazing isn't it ? Every month or two, someone will start a thread
lambasting GW over the quality of its products, pricings, support. And
inevitably many more will jump into the fray.

After being on this list for 3 years (?), nothing much has changed. Kinda
reassuring isn't it ? Dead horses get reflogged; brilliant analysis of
free-market forces are restated; post-Freudian analysis of Commissars' love
for his charges are thrown about...

Perhaps someone would want to try their hands on :
1. Writing fluffs (sorely missing them)
2. Writing more battle reports (with pics and all :))
3. Painting their miniatures to or near GW level.

I for one would love to get more of any three of the above - no, not the
post-Freudian analysis...


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