Re: [Epic] Re: GW USA August Newsletter (long)

From: Alexis Nahib Delgado Saab <alexis_usb_at_...>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 20:40:00 PDT

>>At this end we have coined the term "corporate paedophiles" to
>>marketing practices - and I reckon it accurately describes the
>Careful Brett, you'll be asked to leave the list cos you dont love GW!!
>Jimi :)

   Could you please cut it or just take it to priv. email, i�m not on
the list because i love GW, i just learned to live with it, and i�m on
the list because i want to read about epic, not 5 replies by the same
pissed off guy!!!!

                          now QUIT IT!!!!!


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