Re: [Epic] A Request for Eldar Detachments...

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 19:04:13 +0200 (MESZ)

> Well, I'm finally getting my Eldar force together and am now considering
> how I want to field all the minis.
> I've done some trolling about various web-sites and Deja-news, but I've yet
> to find a good listing of tried-and-true Eldar detachments.
> If any kind souls have some listed or know of a good website, please let me
> know, either to this list (this is fairly topical, yes?) or private email
> if you prefer...

Here are some that work for me:

10 aspects, all with jump pack+exarch, 2 warlocks, 5 wave serpents
main strike force

10 aspects without jump packs: add either a farseer/vyper or one model
with heavy weapons to soak up a few BMs in favour of disrupt

Supreme commander farseer on vyper + 8 jetbikes/1 warlock

10 jetbikes/2 warlocks
jetbikes are good to support aspects

5 falcons, 9 support weapons, 2 wave serpents
general mobile fire support

avatar, 3 DNs, wraithguard/warlock/wave serpent
How else to field an avatar? (not counting 3 aspects/vampire)

5 nightwing interceptors
5 phoenix bombers
(no explanation necessary)

5 falcons, 6 DNs, 4 WWs (Use against IG, do not use against marines!)
replace some falcons with cheaper guardians/scouts/aspects if you like

great harly, shadow seer, 10 harlies (1 jester, 1 warlock+ as many
solitaires as available (discussable if that is eight or three))
You need 3 vampires (joined by 2 phoenixes) to transport them.
If you have only 2 vampires get 8 jump pack aspects instead.

5 falcons, 4 night spinners, 1 fire prism
the 5 main force falcons may be replaced with guardians/aspects whatever.
4 spinners are excellent to prepare your assault while the fire prism
threatens flyers away.

Never, repeat never, buy infantry without sufficient transport.
Scouts are an exeption, a det of reapers/support weapons MAY work without.


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