Re: [Epic] Question about Engines of Vaul...

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 11:47:38 +0200 (MESZ)

> A bit of a ramble about the Engines of Vaul, followed by a couple question
> about how I _think_ the EoV's should work....
> Both the Scorpion and Cobra are armed with SHW's - a Pulsar and a D-cannon,
> respectively. They also have Hull weapons for a FP of 2. Looking over the
> most recent Q&A from Jervis (Thanks, Allen!), I see:
> >Pulsar
> >Q: An Eldar Pulsar fires as D6 Anti-Tank shots. How many blast markers
> >shut down a Pulsar?
> > a) A single blast marker will prevent a Pulsar from firing.
> >Answer: a
> Ouch. It sounds like BlastMarkers are the bane of both EoV's, since the
> D-cannon is definately a SHW, no discussion. Some quick math told me that 3
> little BM's would completely silence a unit of EoV's. <sigh>
> Then I remembered the Hull weapons - you can use their FP to 'pay off' the
> lost FP due to BM's, right??

Yes, but only if they are in range!

> Another question: In order to use the hull wpns, do they have to be in
> range? This sounds a bit dicey, I realize, but I'm wondering how I can use
> the EoV's as I envision them: keeping them at max range and popping up to
> blow away bad guys. As it stands now, if I keep them at a distance, some
> incoming fire (which they should survive with a 4 damage capacity) will
> silence their guns all too quickly. But then, if I move into range to use
> the hull guns and avoid some of the penalties for BM's, I put them right
> into harm's way from assault (their assault values are quite poor, yes?)

If you stay at max distance the hull weapons cannot absorb BMs.

> Anyway, in closing, a simple question -
> Are the Engines of Vaul, despite being way-cool models, Tragically
> Flawed(tm)?? :)

No, they aren't.

> Do any Eldar players out there have any sucess stories with these units??

Stay at maximum range, don't pick up BMs. More difficult than you may
think. The ad. mech. ordinati have the same problem.

You need a nearby flak det to protect against flyers. Every barrage
targeted at the EoV should have only FP1. (Spread out!)

BMs are substracted from the FP which places BMs. The firepower which
places BMs is calculated from whatever is in range.


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