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Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 09:06:43 +0300 (EETDST)

> > Doomweavers. Everything I've seen says that you have to have dozens of
> > these guys. I wholeheartedly agree. However, I own only two. And two
> > on their own don't amount to much, especially when the bastard rolls
> > sixes in the rally phase.

        I think one detachment is enough per 1000pts. Anything more is
quite cheesy, IMO. At least I've been able to use them for such an effect
that they are dreadful and I do hesitate bring in more than given above.
        A good detachment of Nightspinners (IMO) is 5 scouts (deploy fast)
and either 5 NS's or 4 NS's and 1 Fireprism (if opponent employs
airpower). That detachment deploys fast and can quickly set to overwatch.
That results in an average of four BM's a turn. This in itself is not very
dramatic, but combine it with a firefight or an assault and the target
detachment can really be wasted.

> > The much-overrated (IMO) Eldar Fleet. Well, I've now got a Fleet which
> > consists of two Vampires, two PBs and three Nightwings. I only
> > recently got the extra Vampire. A Vamp is just as good as a PB on a
> > Ground Attack mission, especially when you don't bother carrying
> > troops (although I've got a nice little Harlequin troupe that's just
> > dying to be air mobile...). Must try out my new beefed-up version,
> > although the old version was pretty much fish piss. Maybe a BM or two,
> > and perhaps a casualty if I'm lucky. Not enough to send any
> > self-respecting Ork Warlord into abject terror. I'd really like to add
> > another PB to my Fleet, and another two Nightwings to fill up the
> > interceptor detachment. He has 10 Fighta-Bommas and is not afraid to
> > use them!

        I don't think you'd need that much airpower against the orks
except to deter the Fighta-Bommerz. Some flak is also good to have.
Anything else will come withing assault/firefight/firing range.

> > Eldar mobility. This is something that I just don't have the hang of
> > yet. I keep trying to hold positions, and against the Orks that's
> > futile. Whenever I bring my jetbikes onto the board they just get
> > vaped.

        Could you explain how are you using your jetbikes? For firefights
or for firepower? In firefights they rock, as firepower they die in doves.

> > I dunno, it might just be bad luck with die rolls. I'm very
> > good at bad rolls. In the last game I played, I had two Space marine
> > detachments, both of which spent most of the game broken. How can a SM
> > detachment with 1 BM fail to rally!?? Shits me.

        Ah, excellence in bad dice is not only your prerogative. ;)

> > As an Ork player, would you quake with fear or cackle with glee if you
> > saw the following detachment on the board:
> >
> > Command: Farseer in Falcon
> > Main:
> > 2 Guardians + 1 Falcon
> > (x5)
> > Support:
> > Falcon
> > (x5)
> >
> > That's 10 Falcons, each carrying a Guardian unit. Plus the Farseer in
> > his own Falcon. Gotta be happy with 22 FP.

        I would never field a det like this. What is it, 350-400 pts for
22FP? That's bloody expensive! With the same points I would get two
jetbike detachments, with 40FP (if that were what I used them for).

> > What about this one:
> >
> > HQ: Exarch
> > Main:
> > Aspect Warriors + Jump packs
> > (x3)
> > Aspect Warriors + HW + Falcon
> > (x2)
> > Support:
> > Fire Prism
> > (x3)
> > Doomweaver
> > (x2)
> >
> > ?

        I see eldar as the specializing army. I would never mix troops
with different purposes in the same detachment. I'd put 10 aspects with
jump packs in one det and the rest in another.

        Then again, I haven't played _that_ many games with eldar. But
I've never been successful with any other tactic.

        Jours, Petri

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