Re: [Epic] Quick review of Eldar army

From: Petri Heiramo <Petri.Heiramo_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 08:41:00 +0300 (EETDST)

> I would strongly consider some Wave Serpents, for the same reason as Night
> Spinners, and possibly to deliver the assault troops.

        I've some designs for such units, but I haven't used them yet. And
I will not against SM. Besides, 1500 isn't that much points and I do want
to use jetbikes and jump-packed aspects to deliver the impact. I've
considered the difference between JP's aspects and WS transported ones,
and I've really thought that the JP's are superior. They cost only four
points each and are more flexible. If I used WS's, I'd be restricted by
their movement and loading/unloading of troops. The extra benefit of
laying BM's on the opponent haven't really felt like worth the cost. I
could use those points on 'Spinners and deliver the BM's anywhere I want.
        Your thoughts?

> You might want to keep the TWO detachments of Night Spinners separate rather than
> combining them into one to reduce the impact of BM's and spread the excitement for
> the SM player.

        Yes, I think I will be employing this idea. The second generation
army contains two Doomlooms (5 Scouts, 3 NS, 2 Fireprisms) for BM control
and aerial defence (this combo works well since it places the Fireprism on
Overwatch and Special orders), two jetbikes dets, two jump-packed assault
dets and two Scorpions, giving a fairly well-rounded army. It is more
concentrated on Assault phase than on Firing phase, but that really is
where the Eldar excel. The scorpions take out the worst opponents one by
one and the rest are killed with BM's, assaults and firefights.

> I think you have some good ideas here.

        Thanks, the concept has worked well in the two games I've played
with the "lineup". I'll try to write a report on friday after the game.
I'm quite excited about the game now since I feel I'm gonna put up a good

        Jours, Petri

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