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Scott Shupe wrote:
> Greg Lane wrote:
> >
> > Scott,
> >
> > So, net - net, will you retain the strategy rating of "5" if you have the
> > Daemon Engines only in support roles within a CSM detachment? But lose the
> > "5"rating if you have a Daemon Engine detachment? I could go along with
> > that approach. Or did you just include the second argument as another
> > reason it would not apply.
> Well, that argument is what was given to me when I put
> forth my opinion that any daemon engines ruin the pure CSM strat
> rating. And it does make sense. But personally I'm of the
> opinion that daemon engines in the army means that the army is
> no longer 'pure' CSM, which is what prompted me to put forth some
> of the rules on my website (which sadly did not make it into
> Dropship #2).

I've just had another look in Book 2.

Have a look at page 82. Under heading "Chaos Space Marine Vehicles".

Then again, a Demon Prince is definitely under the Demon section of page
83, so by the same argument....

What's interesting is whether an Inquisitor Lord is a SM or not for
purposes of Command rating. Inquisitors can have either IG or SMs as
bodyguards you see.

My own take on it is that if the IL's in a Chimera, he's IG, and can
only take IG bodyguards. If in anything else, he's an SM for purposes of
command, and can only take SM bodyguards. If on foot, either.

Of course, if my Imperial opponent came on with an all-IG army, led by a
IL on foot, and claimed the increased Strategy Rating, I'd be miffed.
Still by the fluff, it's legit. Might even be logical. And if the
commander had an SM bodyguard, then that's quite Kosher.

I still prefer having Magnus and Co not decreasing the SR of CSMs
though. But anyway, a Warmaster on a Disk has the same protection
(Cavalry adds +1 to armour), superior speed (20cm/30cm skimmer vs
15cm/15cm skimmer),1 FP vs 0, and equal Assault Factor for 50 pts vs 48
for a Demon Prince Skimmer so it's purely for Dramatic Effect.

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