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Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 12:42:20 -0000

Sauron1 writes;Carl;

    We often use the smaller card buildings in the earlier editions of SM.
They are the same size as the ruins. But we also use "N" guage RR
buildings for non-imperial sites.

    Woods are indicated by shades of felt. Dark colloured for near
impassible to light green for low scrubb. A few trees on each remind us it
is forest or scattered litchen for scrub. The definitive edge is marked by
the felt, preventing location arguments.

     Other ground effects,such as farm fields, sand or swamp lands can be
done this way. We especially use felt strips to mark roads or rivers. My
wargame club has permanent facilities, a great deal of terrain boards {with
mostly rolling terrain}, trees and buildings. But we use felt for marking
rivers and roads for versatility.

    Hills can be less than 12"x!2" especially if they are slightely curved
with a gentle slope. Cut out of Blue strofoam, carved with a saw edge
kitchen knife and then painted with cheap green acrylic house paint mixed
liberally with sifted beach sand and white glue.

    A few grouped together can indicate rough terrain. For rocky areas I
suggest you buy as small bag of reddish tree bark chips used as ground cover
around ornamental trees. It is also used for potted plants. Placed in groups
they make excellent rocky areas. If you use a geenish felt cloth as a gaming
board your entire setup will brobably fit in a cardboard filing box or two.

    As I am the principle terrain maker for my club, they have asked I do
not manufacture items with built in roadsor rivers. A retired member
donatted a set of 20 24"X 24" boards with roads and rivers built in, but
their versatility was limited.

    I recently bought a friend this Styrofoam cutter for terrain making at

   The Wonder Cutter= FloraCraft Corporation Ludington, MI 49431

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