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>Also, I think that this list is full of people that whine about
>rules, prices, GW and 40K. 40K is a miniature game, and
>it is nothin like Civ or Supremacy. It is based around minis,
>but there is still a lot of tactics and even strategy present in

I beg to differ here. In 40K most of the tactics seem to revolve around
PICKING your troops, not working with what you've got. I'm not saying his
purely through observation as I play the game as well (and I still enjoy
it). But on the battlefield most (and I do say most) 40K commanders are of
the "Line 'em up and advance across the board" mentality. Little tactics
come into it. I see it all the time, especially with the younger players.
I even had one player complain about his Harlequins and that they never
survived a battle. I watched him play a couple of games and his general
tactic was to advance them into the open and run like hell across the board!
I told him to use them better and take advantage of cover and he said "I
never thought of that!". Geez.

40K promotes Napoleonic-style warfare of line 'em up and advance while that
is not the way a battlefield trying to mirror modern warfare (look at the
troops and tell me that they aren't kind of mirroring modern warfare) should
work. I have watched players of 40K who claim to be great tacticians and
win often in 40K lose horribly when playing other systems as they still try
the line 'em up and advance tactic, and it just doesn't work! They then
complain and never play the game again as they can't win on the first go
(and I go really easy on them too!). Here's to all Ground Zero Games
products and may Jon Tuffley never lose his creative streak! <Clink!>

I'll still play GW games once in a while when I need a good dose of fantasy,
but for fun AND realism (and cheaper products) I'm moving on from GW. I
have all I'll ever need.

>Don't complain before you have read the rules...

Never do. Just complain about the prices.

>Or even better, don't complain at all...

Sorry, but until GW gets some sense of respect for the customer, I'll
complain until I'm blue in the face. "We are using a new metal so we have
to increase the price of all our products by 20-30% in addition to the 50%
price hike not 6 months ago!" Spare me!


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