Re: [Epic] Is this cheezy?

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 09:39:56 +0200 (MESZ)

> Is this Ork Army cheesy? My friend (IG) seems to think so. This is for
> SM/TL by the way.
> Orc Clan Card: Bad Moons
> Support card #1 Giblet Grinder
> Support Card #2 Giblet Grinder
> Support Card #3 Giblet Grinder
> Support Card #4 Mekboy Pulsa Rockets
> Support Card #5 Bad Moons Weirdboy Tower
> Orc Clan Card: Kult of Speed
> Support Card #1 Renegade Mekboys
> (Usually 2 Dragstas, 2 Lifta Droppas, 3 Bubble Chuckers, 1 Deth Rockets)
> Support cards 2-5 usaully vary.

The renegade meks are a special card, not a support card.

> These 2 detachments make up the bulk of my forces most of the time. My
> opponent usually takes LOTS of Barrage weapons, as needed for the guard,
> and so I take a force designed to get the boys in fast and as protected as

If you want to get the boys in fast then why do you use gibletgrindas?
Skullhammas are faster.

> possable. Also, Gork and Mork are with me when I draw for my Mekboys
> cards, as I seem to always get X-Tra Big Tires, Kustom Force Field, and
> Squig Fuel Injectors.

Mechanising entire ork armies is not unusual. It happens all the time.


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