Re: [Epic] Sorting out the Dominatrix

From: Dirk Vormann <>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 09:18:06 +0200 (MESZ)

> Now, twice, different RoolzBoyz (I know, just read the rest, ok?) gave me a
> interpretation that the War Engines firepower would need to be offset first,
> before the BM's apply to the SHW, EVEN if the WE FP were "out of range". Such
> is the cause for my request to Allen to have Jervis clarify this point.

Have the point clarified - ok. No more.

> By the way, I believe the same argument extends to a detachment of artillery
> with infantry support. The Artillery can't fire just because they have a
> couple of BM's and no enemy are in the supporting troopers FP range? Why
> would you ever assault the Artillery ... which should be a primary tactic to
> neutralize these types of detachments.

1) add up FP
2) place BMs according to that FP
3) substract BMs from THAT FP.

That's the normal order. There is no exeption mentionen for WEs, so BMs
can only be substracted from whatever is in range for the time being.

> Also, a detachment of Land Raiders in support of infantlry is moving across
> the field and picks up a few BM's ... the first thing suppressed is the heavy
> tanks, just because they are in range and the troopers FP is not? This is not
> a good simulation.

GW games are no simulation whatsoever.

> Not a perfect solution, but it does make sense and works in most cases.
> Imagine beign Eldar and having the Engines of Vaul shut down by 3 BM's ...

Don't have them shot at. Possible.

> even though they have some FP, but it is just barely out of range ... it was
> that situation (and I was his opponenet) that made me reconsider this whole
> thing.
> It even works for the Imperator, which could be shut down by just a couple of
> BM's until its FP comes into range. Can't buy that either. SHW's, especially
> those mounted on large platforms are not that susceptible to suppression.

A couple means six here.

a) that's what the rules say
b) the rules are bad

a) is definately true, b) may have to do with game balance


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