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>>> Gee. The more I hear about some of the rules from Epic97, the more I start
>>> to think about DirtsideII and StargruntII. Most of the rules I've heard
>>> have been "stolen" from those systems, but aren't in a similar enough form
>>> for GW to breach copyright. Kinda walking a fine line aren't they? Well I
>>> think so anyway!
>>> -Kelvin.....
>>Considering the originality of their material, they've always walked a
>>fine line on the copyright stuff :) Good miniatures, though...
>I dunno, some of their latest stuff has been absolute shite. Take the Metal
>Warlord or even the new Epic97 one. I will admit that on the whole they
>still produce the best miniatures. Anything touched by Jes Goodwin (oh, we
>are not worthy to pronounce his immortal name!) turns to gold, though. All
>praise the mighty hands of Goodwin ;-)! Wish he'd teach the Warzone guys a
>thing or two, those Great Grey hover-vehicles are terrible!

What is this ? A personality cult not sanctioned by the Ecclesciarchy ?!!!
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