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>> Speaking of flyers, does anyone know if the new rules cover flyers and AAA
>> (Hydras, etc)? Aside from the T-Hawk, which seems to always have its own
>> category.
>Flak and flyers are handled in E40k. Quick overview is INtercepting,
>Ground Attack and Transport. Flyers don't loiter on the board, they move
>across and do their mission in 1 turn then fly off to refuel/rearm.

Gee. The more I hear about some of the rules from Epic97, the more I start
to think about DirtsideII and StargruntII. Most of the rules I've heard
have been "stolen" from those systems, but aren't in a similar enough form
for GW to breach copyright. Kinda walking a fine line aren't they? Well I
think so anyway!


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