Re: [Epic] Eldar & Disrupts.

From: Petri Heiramo <Petri.Heiramo_at_...>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 14:49:05 +0300 (EETDST)

> > It is possible with the Tyranid to have an artillery swarm with an amazing 20
> > Biovores. This would inflict at a range of 60cm a likely 12 BMs every time it
> > fired (2BMs plus 50% hits on average at 4+ of the 20 Biovores firing). This
> > is likely to suppress most activity while the genestealers run over and start
> > eating. In addition it will take 11 hits (or BMs) before they lose the
> > automatic 2 BMs just for firing. Pretty good, huh.
> Forget the eating. On turn 1 you lay down 12 blast markers on a detachment.
> Even if they get lucky and remove 5, that's 7 down from their morale.
> On turn two you put those babies on overwatch and lay down an amazing
> average of 17 more blast markers. Even if they get lucky and remove 5
> again, that's still 19 more off of their morale (26 total, probably about
> half of their total morale) and the target detachment probably got to
> do absolutely nothing on turn two. On turn three the game may very well
> end even if you haven't killen any of the enemy.

        The above is the reason why I don't like to take too many Disrupt
weapons in my armies. I think they, when used in such vast quantities, are
really cheesy. One gaming group had a house rule which limited the morale
loss to 3 per detachment from BM's and I thought it a good rule. And I
don't think I'm biased in my opinion as I play Eldar which largely depend
on their Nightspinners.

> Keep in mind that the above assumes only average rolling for the disrupt
> weapons while granting the defender superb luck. In practice the results
> should prove even more devastating.

        I could think of nothing more boring than winning by heaping BM's
on opponent.

> > In one detachment I could cram 5 Night Spinners as support to 5 Eldar
> > stands likely in three Waveserpents.
> Forget the Wave Serpents. 5 Scouts will keep up nicely with the Nightspinners
> quite nicley on turn one, and even end up out front to take any casualties
> from incoming arty fire.

        That is very true. So far the best and cheapest 'Spinner
detachment I've come up with. If I expect enemy aerial units, I replace
one 'Spinner with a Fireprism.

        Jours, Petri

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