Re: [Epic] Eldar Support Weapons

From: Greg Lane <greg_at_...>
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 22:45:19 -0500

Well, I don't have Firepower yet (deprived colonists you know!), so I
can't speak to all the wirtten rules addenda in Firepower. However, from
what I have read here, it appears all AT units go up by 5 points for each
AT fire they have, so it woudl seem they become 20 ... right?

(If we hadn't already had the tea party, we might all go to GW USA and
toss the container of Firepower into the bay ...)

J Andrew Evans wrote:

> I just noticed that the Eldar Support weapons in the Army lists are 15
> points per unit whereas the Imperial Support weapons in their Army
> List are 13 points even though the stats are identical. Is this a
> misprint? Is this an old chesnut? Does someone have a definitive
> answer to this?
> In Firepower the support weapons cost rises from 13 to 18, because it
> is an AT weapon. This is clearly using the Imperial figure but it
> doesn't specify that just calling them "support weapons." Does the
> Eldar weapon rise from 15 to 20 then or shall we assume they both are
> now 18 since Firepower doesn't specify between them?
> Regards
> Confused of Epic
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