Re: [Epic] Eldar & Disrupts.

From: J Andrew Evans <J_Andrew_Evans_at_...>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 08:09:40 +0100

Take your point. I had in mind the Eldar when I made "wondered aloud" as to how one might take
down large disrupt detachments. You see, I'm not really happy about just writing off a Tyranid
detachment with 10+ biovores as cheesy and pretending the strategy isn't really there to make
the game work. This sort of strategy is exactly how IMHO a race like the Tyranid would fight.
Lots of disrupting bizarre attacks which would paralyse the enemy whilst the real fighters
could close in.

Surely there has to be some effective deterrment against them. Big long range guns seems like
a first thought. I just bought some Squat Goliath Mega-cannons to bolster my four Squat
Thunderer stands into an actual detachment - what about something like that?


Thane Morgan wrote:

> Biovore's only have a range of 45. Doesn't matter that much; saying you will just blast
> away at the biovore detat is a lot easier than doing it. Any good opponent can hold off a
> concerted assault against one detachment for a turn, and 1 turn is enough to end the game
> three turns later. Longer range artillery is your best chance, and the cost of those peices
> is at least double that of the biovore. I use those 5 biovore detats game after game, and
> they almost never get shut down or destroyed. With lots of those smaller detats, it's easy
> to keep units spread out to only give one fp per BM.
> I haven't fought eldar in the new system, so I can't comment on them.
> Thane
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