Re: Sv: [Epic] Eldar & Disrupts.

From: Beza <beza_at_...>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 12:03:30 +0200 (MET DST)

What a great game, I suppose it would be better to have 30 biovores only
and finish marines at the first turn. What a great, strategic game...

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Susanne Henriksen wrote:

> > Surely there has to be some effective deterrment against them. Big long
> range guns > seems like
> > a first thought. I just bought some Squat Goliath Mega-cannons to
> bolster my four > Squat
> > Thunderer stands into an actual detachment - what about something like
> that?
> >
> > A#
> How about a Titan armed with a couple of Heavy Weapon Batteries (a Warlord
> Titan could pack 32 firepower this way).
> - Beller-
> Not-so-faithful servant of the Hive Mind
> BTW, I fought a battle with my Tyranids this weekend. My (Imperial/Space
> Marine-wimpy) opponent took the usual Warlord combined with a detachment to
> protect (referred to later as the wimpy ones) it from my assault swarms.
> This is what I did (and send his Titan to the fiery pits of hell):
> I had four swarms:
> One Biovore swarm (+extra to support)
> One Transport swarm (Lots of Assault Spawn)
> One Hormagaunt swarm (Loads of Hormagaunts)
> One Assault swarm
> They totalled about 700 pts.
> First, I put loads of BMs on the wimpy ones and a few on the warlord to
> shut down its 2 death rays and the vortex. All of my swarms were more than
> 45cm away in the shooting phase, which meant the Warlord couldn't fire. In
> the assault phase, my Transport swarm moved 20cm towards the Warlord and
> unloaded the Hormagaunts, who charged 35cm and engaged the wimpy ones.
> Needless to say they kicked ass, the wimps ran off with 9 BMs. The Warlord
> then drove off the Hormagaunts in a firefight. They retreated 20cm. In the
> end phase the wimps recovered 4 BMs (but still had 5)
> In the next phase the Hormagaunts stayed where they were. The assault and
> transport swarm moved closer towards the Titan. The Warlord moved closer to
> my Biovores and the wimps were still broken so they just sat there!
> In the shooting phase the Biovores, assault swarm, and transport swarm
> unloaded everything they had into the Titan downing 4 shields and placing
> heaps of BMs. The Warlord caused a few casualties in its shooting phase
> before my swarms tore it apart in the assault phase (luckily it didn't
> explode).
> I had lost only a few Biovores, some Termagants, one Carnifex, and one Hive
> Tyrant for the cost of a Titan. That game was in a bag.......
> The tactic I used here, was to stay out of the Titan's range initially. I
> used Hormagants in Assault Spawns to run 55cm towards the enemy in the
> assault phase and broke the wimps. The rest of the swarms assigned to the
> job then finnished off the Titan.
> - Beller -
> Faithful servant of the Hive Mind
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