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Date: Thu, 06 Mar 1997 11:03:35 +1000 (EST)

>Paul Tobia <heresy_at_...> writes:
>> No problem, since I'm an Imperial Guard player I'll do an example of that.
>> So let's see what we've got:
>> -------------------------
>> 1x IG Command
>> 1x IG Command (+Psyker)
>> 4x IG Regulars (2 squads)
>> 4x IG Hvy (4 squads)
>> 5x Chimeras
>> 5x Sentinels (1 squad)
>> 2x Leman Russ
>> Points total is: 88 (Command) + 140 (Main) + 129 (Support) = 257 points.
>> There you go.
>No offense, but that doesn't look like a detachment to me. It looks
>like a cute little IG WH40k army done in 6(8)mm scale. And the
>Sentinels and Leman Russ(es?) have to stay within 6cm of the
>commanders? <sigh>

I looks like one because it bloody well is one! I play IG in 40K and that
is EXACTLY how an IG army is constructed.

<Sigh> They did say they were trying to make 40K and Epic more compatible to
one another. Ah well. I may still get it for the minis.


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