Re: [Epic] game scale (long gripe)

From: Tony Christney <acc_at_...>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 1997 22:58:21 -0800

>Tony Christney wrote:
>> >Yeah, but it has that damm silly draw counters to see what you do when
>> >you hit system.
>> I have a dice based table that simulates everything done by the counters if
>> you want it.
>Sure, e-mail it to me please.

OK, here's what you do: Roll a D12 and a D10, like a D100 roll, only now
it is a D120 roll. The D12 is counted first. I am assuming that the D10 has
a 0 instead of a 10.

10 reroll dice.
11-15 Red 0
16-35 Red 1
36-50 Red 2
51-60 Red 3
61-63 Yellow 0
64-73 Yellow 1
74-80 Yellow 2
81-85 Yellow 3
86-88 Green 0
89-98 Green 1
99-105 Green 2
106-109 Green 3
110-116 Immobilized
117-119 Firers Systems Down
120-124 Targets Systems Down
125-129 BOOM!

The reroll is so that the probabilities of all occurences are the same as
with the chits. However, they are slightly different in that you can roll
exactly the same chit with the same hit, which you cannot do with the chits.
To remedy this, the best way would be to have six distinct sets of dice. Then
you would reroll any exact replicates (ie if you rolled two 88's, but not if
you rolled 87 and 88). Six sets of dice are required to enable damage rolls
for all weapon classes (up to class 5 direct fire + class 6 artillery). The
other option would be to just remember which numbers you had rolled, and reroll
any duplicates. A third option would be to not care about the slight difference
and allow results to be duplicated (I don't think that the difference is very

Tony Christney
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