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>If you're looking for a little rationalization (I also like some "realism"
>in my games) consider that the ranges in Epic are the effective ranges.
>Take into account all the smoke, jamming, confusion, and general state of
>technology in the 41st millenium perhaps the weapons can fire much farther
>than listed, but you're not really going to hit anything until you get
>within effective range. Thus weapon systems with extra targeting
>capabilities or fire large area effect bombardments (Artillery, Ordinatus)
>can get the super long ranges.

But I have the same problem with the 40K universe that I had with the
Battletech universe. Here are these towering, bipedal warmachines with
laser weapons and advanced Kinetic Kill weapons powered by fusion (or
"Plasma") reactors with amazing gyro scopes and motors to keep the thing
upright. But they had the most primitive targetting technology. It was
basically aim-down-the-barrel-and-shoot technology. Nothing even
approaching decent targetting technology.

And don't hit me with this "Oh the to-hit numbers represent the baffling
technology too so its still hard to hit" rubbish. On the modern battlefield
vehicle targetting systems have a horrendously high hit-ratio from what I
have seen. The spoofing systems work well IF THEY ARE ACTIVE AND IF THEY
WORK IN TIME!!!! ECM is fine, but it effects your own weapons too. Chaff
and IR decoys need to be deployed in time and Laser-designated weapons can
be spoofed by smoke and prismatic aerosols, but they need to deploy before
the firer acquires a lock. Think of what a Direct-fire laser could do if
powerful enough. Nasty weapon. You'd have virtually no way of stopping it
when it fires unless you have some form of ablative armour on you at the time.

Modern tank weapons have ranges out to about 1.5 to 2 km and have a good
chance of hitting even then. I have been told that on alot of tanks the
effective range is about 800m with the main gun. So I'd expect the weapons
on a Warlord to be far superior to the weapons on a tank. But don't mind
me. Just my gripe.

I like the ranges in Dirtside II. Most weapons can hit most points on the
battlefield. But at the long ranges there is little hope of hitting the
target. But at least there is hope. Damn good game Dirtside II. With this
price increase GW can kiss my custom goodbye.

>Oh, and for the record 5cm in Epic40k = 8" in WH40k.

Joy. What does 1" in 40K equal in metres (or yards if you still measure


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