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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 09:12:20 +1000 (EST)

>Last night I blew the leg off an enemy titan and my oponent pointed out that
>it was entirely possible that the titan was not, in fact, destroyed as we
>had always supposed. Here's his reasoning...
>Titan leg damage (6) states: "The leg is blown apart and the titan
>collapses to the ground. Decide which way the titan falls and place it on
>its side lying in that direction. Any vehicles or troop stands fallen on
>are destroyed."
>It doesn't actually state that the titan is destroyed.
>We (my gaming crowd) have always assumed that the titan is destroyed when it
>falls because that is what happens in the description of the power ram.

O.K. I've had this trouble before and even had someone claim he could shoot
at me Even though the Titan had fallen over. We solved this issue. I
believe that in the Leg Damage table under result 4 (or its equivalent) that
it states that the Titan has suffered extensive damage to the leg and that
it will snap if put under too much stress. That damage result states that
if the leg snaps, determine which way the Titan falls and it is considered
destroyed if it does fall. This is a LOWER result than the "Titan Falls"
result and so I assume that it applies to the more serious result too.

I am FAIRLY sure of this, but I don't have my rules on me so I could be wrong.


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