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Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 09:40:02 +1000 (EST)

O.K. Temp. Here we go as I was the one that Agro trounced.

>>On turn one my knights, sentinels and one titan advanced. The tarantulas
>>FF'ed (der...) and the bikes charged.
>I assume from your description that you moved first. It sounds to me like
>the guy screwed up. He should have thawked the titan on advance. With one
>of the "halves opponents close combat" cards he would have won. With ten
>cards he should have had one, or at least a "growth" to double caf of one
>model. That would have at least seriously damaged a titan, and the titan
>would have to be within 25 cm of the others for coherency, which means he
>could have still nuked another one with the Tzeench power. That's 2 titans
>that would never have fired, and 10 (or is it 16) VPs.

Yep. I screwed up. There's not much I'd change about my army except that I
would drop the Terminators for some other, better units. My deployment was
stuffed too. That's the main thing I would have changed.

>>That gave me lots of stuff advancing 20-25cm to take the objectives on my
>>side of the table.
>That's 4. Most of which I will grant he probably couldn't have challnneged
>you on.

Had nothing to do about that. But my force was a very experimental one.

>> The bikes took one objective in the middle of the board
>>in a large forest (chaos just didn't have a unit that could reach in it one
>Well, now that wasn't bright. He knew you had fast stuff, why didn't he
>send some loaded rhinos after it? Or a titan on charge? Or the knights?

support Titan. I'll be buggered if I was going to put it on charge orders.

>That's what greater demons are for. Was that the titan on advance? Was it
>the one next to it, that could have been nuked w/ the Thousand sons?
>Apparently this was a killing zone, why didnt' he have something set up to
>hose it, like 10 shots from the cultists? How about using a TK card to move
>the bloodthirster in to hth w/ the bikes (winning and forcing morale
>checks)? Did he have no cards to force morale checks? With the GD and a
>card or two there was a fair chance you would have routed.

Just about everything I used was out of range or in a bad firing position.
I had to move to get good fire arcs, so I had virtually nothing to shoot
with. And I had no Morale forcing cards either.

>>The thunderhawk dumped some marines near my titans and use the magic of
>>tzeench to blast one of the titans (blew an arm off, but didn't kill it...)
>See above.

I killed it in the end phase. It blew up then, but I had not much choice
about what I could do there.

>>My oponent counted his breakages, but I think they were the marines, the
>>minotaurs, the slaneesh knights, the reaver and the thunderhawk.
>Okay, why did his doomwings not hose the tarantulas? They are fast enough
>to cross the board and be out of the tarantulas' field of fire, while still
>being able to hose them. What was his reaver doing? I have a slaanesh
>reaver with a chaos whip, a chainfist, and a vulcan mega bolter that can
>secure an objective like no one's business. On top of that, with a 40cm
>charge, it can reach the mid-board on turn one. That could have contested
>one of the midboard objectives. The Keeper of Secrets can move 20 and shoot
>25 without needing line of sight. Did he not have a good target? Why not?
>That's past the midboard.

My doowings DID try to hose SOME of his Tarantulas. But my dice rolling was
off that day and I couldn't hit the broard side of a barn. And as I said my
Reaver was a fire support Reaver. Warp Missile (which did sod-all) and two
turbo-lasers. And the Kipper of Secrets had no targets.

>>In my gaming group we play fairly hard. At the local gaming club my wife is
>>considered "an agressive general" (while we think she is a wimp) - I expect
>>that the rest of us are probably described as "rabid"!
>Is there any other way to play? Always go for the kill.
>It's hard to say without seeing the board, but it really sounds like the guy
>used a horrible deployment.

Yes. My deployment sucked. I know that now. My luck also sucked as I
couldn't roll higher than a 3 on most occasions. My Slaaneeshii Knights had
to make saves on 3's or better, I always failed them. My Land Raiders the
same, fail again. And this was one of the few battles where buildings
dropped like flies in a pesticide factory as I couldn't roll their saves for
anything. It was a combination of rotten luck and poor deployment. But
when Agro gets back from Rowany, my Orks are gonna kick his knightly bum!


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