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Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 06:31:19 +0800 (WST)

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> At 04:32 PM 4/2/97 +0200, you wrote:
> >Chaos definitely _can_ field sufficient barrage templates to take your
> >titans down the same way as IG or Squats.
> Ah. Taking 50% allies is something I have rarely seen. Personally, I've
> never seen a chaos player take more than an artillery company or a SM scout
> company as allies. I will maintain that going through two army lists and
> picking the best units from both is cheesy. It is almost acceptable from
> SM/IG, but since chaos already effectively gets all the chaos units and all
> the marine units, I think taking IG on top of that is overkill. Of course,
> with the preponderance of IG as a standard chaos tactic, it explains why
> you've never seen a really fast chaos force.
> In any case, you based your statements of how to fight a chos force based on
> this assumption, so it is hardly valid in a general sense. Given the
> clarification, your statements are reasonable. And no, I dont' think it was
> something that should have been obvious.
> >1. A titan with a psy lance _never_ shot anything with that _short-ranged_
> >weapon before being killed.
> Not if you bomb him with artillery. However, barring allies, Chaos has
> littel barrage capability.

This reminds me of Chaos vs Eldar/IG game I played a while back. The
Eldar player was so confident about the invulnerability of his precious
warlock titan he advanced it right into the midst of his allies
vindicator company. In first fire in turn 1 I opened up on the titan
with 3 Cannons of Khorne (I had 3 units of them) the first shot landed
square on the titan with 10BPs, hit the reactor and blew the titan to pieces.
My Eldar opponent was not impressed. Nor was his IG ally as the explosion
broke his vindicators (saving from the rear or side).

Troy Eichmann

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