Re: [Epic] McDonalds Beef

From: Chris Weigt <Christopher.Weigt_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 13:10:05 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, Jason Stephensen wrote:

> >Nope, we get the same ole crappy flavourless beef that everybody else gets
> >(you know, the cattle that was grazed on land that used to be Amazon
> >rainforest etc etc) Of course, they say it's 100% Aus beef, but who knows
> >8)
> OK, the way that McDonalds gets away with this is simple. The company that
> sells the beef to us is either Brazilian or Indonesian. They simply named
> the compnay "Australian Beef" so that way they can name their beef Aussie
> beef even though it's not Australian. BTW McDonalds plans to increase the
> numbers of McDonalds in Australia from the present 500 to 900 by the year
> 2000. They plan to add 2more to the local 3. Soon I'll be able to choose
> from 5 in walking distance. Shame that I hate McDonalds.
I'm still amazed people actually _like_ the shit, I mean, their burgers
are appalling. You're far better off spending 50 cents more and going to
hungry jacks if you're that keen on fast food - at least their food is
edible! Dunno bout where they get their meat from tho 8)
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