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From: Tristrim Peter Murnane <tmurnane_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 13:39:36 +1000 (EST)

> Tristrim Peter Murnane <tmurnane_at_...> writes:
> > >
> > Too right, at least about the titans. Point: As any bug players
> > played a few games now, and reached the same conculsion? Are you getting
> > beat eavey game? I think (well at least me) have reached the conquslion
> > about the buggs by reading thier stats, not playing with/aginst them.
> I had come to the same conclusion about the Eldar Titans.
> "These things suck, the Imperial Titans are so much better!" (Well,
> better, anyways). I still hold the same view, but the part that I had
> missed was that Eldar Titans are no longer 120% the cost of their
> Imperial Counterparts. They're *cheaper*. I'm still having extreme
> problems coping with the concept of building something cheaper than
> the Imperium. However, this fact, which also exists for Tyranid
> Titans, was something I had missed on the first pass.
> Yes, it's worse than the Imperials. It's also about 80% of
> the price. Dammit, it *should* be worse.
> I think that most people are complaining because Tyranid
> Titans were just incredibly powerful before, and aren't any more.

        (Sorry for probably doubling the size of the list today folks!)
        I think that's the problem. People are aussuming that My main
battle titan can stand up to a fire fight with a Imperial Main battle
titan. But they can't now. Just have to get used to the fact that instead
of everybody haveing thier own version of the warlord, you now have your
own version of the REAVER.
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