Re: [Epic] Wines, Beer and tree bark

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Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 14:24:05 +1000 (EST)

>Apparently chillies cause you to produce endorphines just like the ones you
>get from long-distance running. Makes you feel good. You can get addicted to
>chillies as they make you feel real good. Just like chochalate and caffeine.

But the addiction caused by the chillies is different than the one produced
by chocolate and caffeine. Chocolate and caffeine are actual narcotics
which have a direct effect on the metabolism of the body. The sensation of
the hot chillies is different however. The hot and spicy sensation causes
the body to release endorphins and thus cause a high. Similar to the
gambling addiction. Gambling and the thrill associated with it causes an
endorphin release and thus a dependency on the Gambling to create a high.
Chocolate and chillies can be addictive, but in different ways. Chillies
are NOT a narcotic.

>When we were poor and at Uni, there were casks of kiwifruit wine that was
>very cheap (about $2 a cask) that was closer to rocket fuel that most people
>used to get smashed with. When I was younger the sugar highs worked pretty
>good for me, jelly crystals, icing sugar and fizzy drink could really throw
>your metabolism out. Wheeeee.

But you are cheap drunk cause you are small Jase. A smaller vessel holds
less before it over-flows. And you and your bloody sugar rushes. Never
take this one sweet-shopping with you folks. He'll end up bouncing off the
walls for days.....


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