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Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 08:56:34 +1000 (EST)

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> At 06:55 PM 4/15/97 +1000, you wrote:
> >In 40k, 5 terminators are 315 points without heavy weapons. A leman russ
> >is what, 205 points? How much is a land raider - 220?
> >A stand of termies should be better than a tank IMHO 8)
> And in firefights and assault (which is 40K range) they are. Besides, this
> isn't 40K, and ternies are _less_ expensive so they should be _less_ useful.
> You don't seem to be taking into account long range fire support which is
> much more important on this scale.
> Temp
Well, if it's a question of range then I'd have to say that if the ranges
were anything equivalent to real rifle ranges (50 meters for christsake?
A squad of infantry doing a section attack with Steyrs and minimis has
about 600m effective range, which would be 90cm!)
then the game would be far better IMHO. The worst thing they did when they
made E40k was to bring the ranges down to the peashooter values of 40k 8(
As for termies in E40k, well, I was just saying that if E40k were a direct
conversion of 40k, you'd expect terminators to be more effective than
tanks. Since they aren't, except for assaults, then I guess the guys at GW
did something right (even if weapon ranges _do_ suck)
Hmm, that was a somewhat incoherent rant, wasnt it? 8)
Oh well - deal with it 8) (Flame away, I have my asbestos underwear!)


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