[Epic] E40K Chaplains

From: Elias Tiliakos <elite_at_...>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 97 14:08:26 EST


I was just wondering if anyone had come up with some cool
ideas for using the new "character" models in the orc and
space marine armies included in the box set. One I had
was for the Chaplain.

He would be similar to a normal Captain stand. That is, have
the Hero ability, and similar upgrade possibilities. The only
real difference is that he allows the detatchment he is with
roll d6 instead of d6-1 to remove blast markers in the rally
phase, to represent the morale boosting effects chaplains are
supposed to have (at least fluff wise, maybe not strictly game
wise). This ability would cost a little extra, I thought
maybe making the stand cost 30 points base cost.

Any thoughts on this?

Just a random musing.

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