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Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 16:36:01 +0800

At 02:08 PM 4/16/97 EST, Elias Tiliakos wrote:
>He would be similar to a normal Captain stand. That is, have
>the Hero ability, and similar upgrade possibilities. The only
>real difference is that he allows the detatchment he is with
>roll d6 instead of d6-1 to remove blast markers in the rally
>phase, to represent the morale boosting effects chaplains are
>supposed to have (at least fluff wise, maybe not strictly game
>wise). This ability would cost a little extra, I thought
>maybe making the stand cost 30 points base cost.
>Any thoughts on this?
>Just a random musing.

Quite a good idea, and not at all overpowering - I was afraid it was going
to be a reroll :). But I am a little concerned - the next one might be
TechMarines, Apothecary and so on. But I am guilty of that too :P Personally
I am thinking of redoing the termie - into "Devastator" termies and
"Assault" termies.

Devastator termie assumes that the termie squad has either an assault
cannon/cyclone missile launcher.

The firepower of this termie squad is set at 3 - no rapid firing allow -
actually you can rapid fire the stormbolters, but the effect is not
significant as compared to assault cannon/cyclone missile launcher. Actually
I am thinking of firepower of 4, but I am concerned that it might be a
little too much.

Of course cheeselords can take the Space Puppies all equipped with assault
cannons/cyclone missile launcher. Then firepower equal 10 ? But on a roll of
4+ the whole stand blows up :>

Assault termie assumes that the termie squad are all armed with only HtH
Assault termie adds either 1 or 2 to their assault value. If it is 1 maybe
add rampage.

I think I better stop here before I get carried away. Any comments ? And the
point value ?

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