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From: Robert Lenghaus <lenghaus_at_...>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 12:56:08 +1000 (EST)

Re the terminator answer below.

This answer has annoyed me, the answer by JJ on the lack of Terminators
being Heros is complete BS, I will explain, anyone remember the HERETIC
battle report, wasn't ONE terminator (and they were only armed with
chainfists not Lightning claws or Thunder hammers) squad that destroyed
THREE Leman Russ tanks, But wait I hear you cry that was a 40k games over
several turns.
My logic is this EPIC 40k assualts are supposed to represent entire 40k
games, if a squad of Termis can destroyed 3 tanks in one 40k game (plus
other stuff they killed I can't remeber) then logically a stand of
terminators should be able to destroy 3 tanks in one EPIC assault, with
the current rules no way is this possible.
Terminators should, nay must be heros otherwise GW has f_at_#%ed it up

Rob L.

> > >2) What was the rationale behind making Terminators marines with a
> > >save, as opposed to marines with hero status (particularly as ork nobz
> > >now outclass terminators in close combat)?
> >
> > P: We felt it better reflected their abilities (Terminators are primarily
> > shooters, Ork Nobs primarily assault troops). Also Terminators just aren't
> > as goon in close combat as Space Marine Assault squads, while Nobz are
> > amongst the most effective assault troops in the Ork army. As a house rule
> > allowing players to upgrade Terminators to assault troops would be fine,
> > but converting the miniatures to show the Thunder Hammers etc might be
> > rather fiddly!
> >
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