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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 14:40:15 +1000 (EST)

>I realize that this is the Epic mailing list and I am a diehard epic
>player. I have however, recently become ineterested in Warhammer 40K.
>What I was wondering is whether anyone on this list plays the game and if
>so could let me know what he or she thinks of it. Are the armies
>relatively balanced? What are there strengths and weaknesses. How many
>troops comprise a typical force. Thanks.

I play 40K and I find it to be a mediocre game. For a 25mm Sci-Fi game I
much prefer playing Warzone, Kryomek or Stargrunt II, but as these systems
aren't as well known, I am forced to play 40K.

The drawback to 40K are that the rules flow O.K., but I find the importance
of Initiative to be too great. Whoever gets the first turn is in a MUCH
better position. Plus the "One side does all its moving and shooting, then
the other side" bugs me too. The armies are REASONABLY balanced, but then
its impossible to have completely balanced points systems. The armies that
are cried about being the cheesiest (although those who use those armies
will deny it strongly) are the Eldar and the Space Wolves, with Tyranids a
close second. The two armies I rarely hear getting complained about are the
Imperial Guard (no, honestly!) and the Squats. The game is open to far too
much Min-Maxing as Oki stated.

The strengths of 40K are its popularity and the miniatures. I can always
find an opponent for 40K, I can rarely find an opponent for Warzone or
Stargrunt II. The miniatures for 40K are nice, but expensive and with the
Kryomek miniatures back on the market for about half the price and all of
the detail of the 40K ones, I'm giving up on GW stuff and shifting to other

The other great drawback to 40K is the volume for stuff you need. I have a
2500pt Imperial Guard army, and boy is there alot of stuff for it. You want
a cheaper 40K army, go for the marines. But you will still need a pile of
money and patience. I too agree with Oki on the importance that GW has put
on Tanks in 40K scale. And I play Imperial Guard. At most I will take one
tank and heaps of infantry. 40K is an infantry skirmish game, keep the
tanks in Epic.

All praise Kryomek and Warzone!!! May they bring down the horrid Chaos gods
called Citadel Miniatures and Games Workshop!!!


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