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From: Chris Weigt <Christopher.Weigt_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 09:08:32 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 21 Apr 1997, DAVID C LADO, DEPT OF NEUROSCIENCE wrote:

> So is anyone else upset that Jason didn't invite us all to his
> wedding! How unsociable! (I think he's still mad about the way we razed
> him over his "elite" imperial guard ;). Don't worry Colonel,
> you can still field your elite guard units. Unfortunately they're
> still called marines...
> Actually, I have wanted to visit down under. All those comercials about
> Australia and talk of kangaroos and koalas roaming the city streets
> got me interested in a visit (as soon as I find it on a map). What
> I want to know is how Australians react to american accents.
Hmm, well we tend to make fun of American tourists, eg (with real sorta
nasal accent) "Gee Martha, look at the koalas" etc etc
Aside from that, well, lets face it, the American accent is so prevalent
on TV that it doesnt get fussed over (sorry to disappoint you!)
But we all love Swedish and Scottish accents, comes from watching the
muppet show and the movie Braveheart!

> about here, someone shows up with a foreign accent and it's an
> instant babe-magnet. I wanna know because the way I figure it
> (judging from the comericals), Australia is just chalk full of beaches
> blanketed by 6 foot tall beautiful blond women (with just the funniest
> accents you've ever heard ;).
Dont confuse the pseudo-Oz with the real thing, even the guys in the
outback who've never been to 'the big smoke' (the city) dont sound like
what the Americans think we do!
That's another fun past-time here, making fun of Americans pretending to
do Asutralian accents in movies, it's _so_ unconvincing! But it's probably
the same thing the other way round too!

> I wonder if you can keep a
kangaroo as a pet (just a little one). >
Well, when I used to live in the bush, our nearest neighbours ( a few
kilometers away, so thats a few miles/1.6 for you yanks!) used to ook
after young kangaroos (joeys) whose mothers had been killed by cars.
Even had a kangaroo hilton - a bunch of hessian bags hanging on the wall
in a row that the joeys could jump into - literally. In the wild, they
dive into the pouch head first and kinda somersault while in the pouch so
they can stick their head out - way cool to watch 8)

Chris (who just wrote a 6000 word essay on the extinction of Australia's
giant fauna -including some 3.5 meter tall kangaroos)

> David
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